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Things That Move Us

I came across a picture online of this bronze sculpture in a funeral home (in Utah maybe?). It brought tears to my eyes, and still does now. When I found out it was available in print I knew I had to have it in our assisted living home. To me it represents the sacredness of death, which in my heart is only second to the sacredness of birth. I believe

that our loved ones, though we miss them terribly, are wrapped in the arms of our Savior as well as all the other loved ones who have passed before them and patiently awaited their arrival. I love the frail old woman shown looking sadly at the life she is leaving and the joy on her face as her withered body is restored to full glory as she passes through the veil of mortality and beholds Him. HIM! Death is not the end, and I want to imagine my loved ones, and any resident in our home, as having the same glorious reunion at the time of passing as portrayed in this print.

~ Audra

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